Crowns or 'caps' can be used to strengthen teeth weakened by decay or a very large filling. They are also ideal for improving the appearance of one or more teeth which may be crowded, spaced or have discoloured fillings.

The most commonly used crowns are made from one of the following:

1Precious or non-precious metal- these are strong, normally gold coloured and are used on back teeth.

2Porcelain bonded to precious metal-these benefit from the strength of the metal core and the appearance of a porcelain coating.

3Porcelain only-these are not as strong as the bonded crowns but have a very natural appearance and are often used in front teeth.

The dentist will shape your tooth for the crown and a temporary crown will be fitted for a short period of time until the permanent crown is retained from the lab. You will also have the opportunity to see the crown in place before it is permanently cemented, to ensure you are happy with the appearance.

Before treatment

upper arch before crowns

After treatment

upper arch after new crowns


Treatment below,lower anterior crowns

Before treatment

Lower mouth before crowns

After treatment

lower mouth after crowns


Bridges are an ideal option to replace missing teeth. This is done by attaching a false tooth or teeth to the one or more teeth beside the space. Bridges are constructed in a very similar way to crowns. They have a strong metal core, covered with a porcelain coating to provide the natural appearance.

There are many different types of bridges, your dentist will discuss with you, the options suitable for your mouth.

The supporting tooth or teeth are shaped by the dentist under local anaesthetic. An impression is then taken of the teeth and a shade chosen to match the other teeth.
A short time later (approx. 10 days) the bridge is fitted to these teeth and includes an extremely natural false tooth to fill the space which will remain firmly in place during speech and eating.

Treatment below,Crowns and Bridges Full Mouth Overhaul. See Marks thoughts on his treatment on the right.

Mark Before treatment

Mark before treatment

Mark After treatment

Mark after treatment


Treatment below, upper arch crowns and bridges

Before treatment

upper arch before new crowns and  bridges

After treatment

after new crowns and braces


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