Preventative Approach

It is often essential that preventative advice or treatment be included in any course of treatment. This can cover a wide range of options.


Fissure Sealants- these are coatings applied to adult molars when they first erupt to prevent decay in the future.

Diet Advice- this can cover all aspects of a childs diet, including common misconceptions and ideal alternatives to sugary snacks and drinks.

Fluoride supplements-fluoride drops from 6 months old can strengthen developing adult teeth making them more resistant to decay.

Tooth brushing instructions- this can go over methods aimed at helping children to efficiently brush their teeth, such as using timers, special dye tablets to show up plaque and technique.


Oral Hygiene Instruction- This covers efficient tooth-brushing combined with mouthwashes, floss and or tepe brushes as appropriate. This prevents decay and gum disease.

Diet Advice- This is similar to that for children.

Toothwear- There are different steps which can be taken to reduce different types of toothwear, for example acrylic biteguards can help reduce toothwear for patients who grind their teeth.

Smoking Cessation- This can reduce the risk or progression of gum disease. Different methods of help can be recommended by your dentist.

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