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Getting to the Root of the Problem

Root Canal Therapy

A persistent toothache can be a symptom of decay that may have advanced deep into the centre of a tooth, causing irreversible damage and/or inflammation to the nerve or ‘pulp’.

If a “pulpitis” or inflammation of the pulp is caught early you may only need a filling to take care of your toothache. However, if the pulpitis is severe or an abscess results, removal of the pulp tissue and sterilisation of the root canals can allow us to save your tooth.

Restoring Your Smile

By using the latest in digital x-rays and nickel titanium rotary instrument technology, we clean and shape the root canal, treating the infection, which can then be filled with rubber. The tooth can then be restored with a filling or crown.


I had a sore tooth for ages and my dentist said I needed a root canal. I didn’t like the sound of it but they made sure I knew exactly what would happen during the procedure and I never felt a thing. My tooth doesn’t hurt anymore and it feels stronger than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions



The experts at Monkstown Dental are trained to very exacting standards. They take the time to do precision work to help guarantee a high success rate for a long period. Also, if a crown is used to complete the procedure your tooth is protected even more against the possibility of a fracture. If maintained properly there’s no reason your root canal treatment won’t last many years, if not a lifetime.


We do our best ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure by using local anesthesia to eliminate any pain. In rare cases where the pulp is highly inflamed, your dentist may settle the tooth first using a sedative dressing along with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Because the procedure is fairly complicated, the cost of a root canal will be higher than a simple filling and if your dentist recommends a root canal it is because a filling is not a viable option. However, compared to extracting the tooth and replacing it with a bridge or implant, the cost of a root canal is quite competitive.

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