Monkstown new patients welcome



Many thanks to Mr Philip Burns of Monkstown Dental for the excellent work done regarding my dental implants; I was very impressed with the entire procedure starting with consultation, the expert advice given and finally the sucessful treatment. I thought your professional friendly manner and skill with which the work was carried out was indeed a credit to your hard work. I would have absolutely no hestitation in recommending your services to anyone needing this type of treatment.

Wishing you continued success for the future.
B. Lilley | Northern Ireland
Thank you for all your advice and support in having my teeth crowned. As you know this was a big decision for me and your support and time invested was fundamental in me taking this step.

I am really happy with the result. I did a conference for my business last week with over 700 people there and not one has mentioned the change which was what I wanted . "A good colour and decent smile without looking like a clown!"

A smaller part of my concern was that costs can escalate leaving everyone feeling let down and this never happened with a simple all in cost which worked for me.
Thanks G
G | Northern Ireland

Just a short note to say thanks for the new smile.

As you know it’s been a long time since I was able to smile with this sort of confidence. I know that you may use this letter to show other patients that may be unsure of what the outcomes of treatment may be, as you did when we discussed what was best for me.

With that in mind it may be prudent to give a short history of how thing got this far before I came to you for help.

When I was younger my teeth were discolored, I later learnt this might have been down to a medicine that I had taken as a child when they were forming. It meant that I did not have confidence in my smile from day one, and to be honest, When combined with my fear of dental treatment, may have lead me to neglect them over the years. Many years in the front row certainly did not help and when I arrived at the surgery I had only pain relief in mind after breaking a tooth.

On my first visit you did one thing that no dentist had before, you asked if I was happy with my smile or would I like anything done to improve it? I went home that night and thought about it and decided that the time was right for a change.

I used to cover my mouth when I smiled, but I promise your handy work is now on full show!! My family tells me that I have more confidence and smile a lot more. I work with the public daily and I know it has helped me here as well.

So let your patients know that it is possible, even when you have a fear of dentistry! It’s just finding the right people with the right skills to care for you.

Cheers Phil (oh Lyndsay of course and the receptionists that kept me calm in the waiting room prior to treatment)

Mark | Northern Ireland
I had my teeth whitened as a treat to myself some 2 years ago, using the gum shield system, as recommended by Mr Burns, of Monkstown Dental Practice. I was slightly nervous about the whole process, but went ahead and the results were amazing! I used the gum shield for 4 nights and that was enough to produce the most stunning white, shiny teeth, which even felt cleaner in my mouth. I had no need to use the bleach again for over 1 year, and even then 2 nights was enough to brighten them up again.

From the off, I was astounded at the number of comments I received, complimenting me on how amazing my teeth were. This included not only friends and family, but even work clients and people I met shopping, it was most bazaar, but equally enjoyable. Now I always open every work meeting with a huge smile, which puts the clients at ease and gives me the total confidence I need to make my presentations. In fact I feel so much more confident about myself in general in all aspects of life, knowing my smile is always noticed!

It is hard to believe how such a simple process could make such an impact on my everyday life, and there are really no downsides or side effects to the procedure. Maybe slight sensitivity on one occasion, but after using Sensodine toothpaste and mouth wash, it was immediately relieved. I cannot recommend this process highly enough, and Mr Burns was fantastic in the time he took to explain the whole system in such detail, so that I felt confident to use it."
Thanks to all at Monkstown Dental for my new more confidence in my false teeth.

I wish I had changed them earlier the new comfort and fit has been amazing!

The time that you took to ensure they were like my old natural teethwas impressive; your attention to detail was appreciated.

Glamorous Granny
Jean | Northern Ireland
I always hated my shorter teeth at the front but was keen to have as little dentistry as possible. When Philip suggested a veneer i was pleased the procedure sounded so simple! Less than two weeks later it was a perfect match and I have not looked back since!!
Emma | Greenisland
Thanks for the help with my sleep apnoea and snoring issues I and the rest of family have been feeling the affects of.

The difference to my mood and ability during the day has been tremendous, I've even made it back into my marital bed !
Cheers S
S | Northern Ireland
Mr Burns, Just a quick note of thanks for both the dental procedures you carried out and the professional advice I received from yourself along the way.To say the final result exceeded my expectations would be an understatement, a point borne out by the number of people who have commented on how dramatically my teeth and smile have improved. If I had one regret it would be that I didn't have the work done years ago!
Patient | Northern Ireland
I don’t get my wrinkles treated to look younger, I just want to look like I still feel on the inside. I look less knackered, feel refreshed and feel more confident. Katie and Phil make sure it is subtle, I don’t want to look like I’m in a wind tunnel!! I do however smile when people tell me I’m looking well and they don’t know my little secret lol
Katherine | Newtownabbey


Dear Dr Burns
A great big smile of thanks for the dental implants! In the past I was always conscious of my horrendous looking smile and the many dreaded situations it created for me. I would shy away at social events, even those where people knew me, purely for fear of having to smile.

I know how cliche this sounds but in all honesty, I feel so much happier now and my whole outlook on life has changed. In fact I never even realised just how much my old smile (if you could call it that) was holding me back!

Professionally, I have moved into a lead role in work, due greatly to my improved self-confidence and being more relaxed when dealing with people.

Outside work, my general health and wellbeing has improved like you would not believe! Following the treatment I was much more aware of my general health and nutrition and that drove me to dust off my old bicycle. Since then I have shed five stone and besides cycling, I am running too. In fact, training for my first marathon! My kids started to go out running with me as encouragement but now they get annoyed because they can't keep up!

What a turnaround and it all began with the work you carried out! You and the team at Monkstown Dental are simply brilliant. Would I recommend you to others? Damn right I would! I can't imagine a more professional, caring and expert team. You said you would give me back my smile but you've given me so much more. It's been life changing and you have my sincere thanks.